hwsteli hwulmuhw – Cowichan Valley Museum Exhibit: Calling all

tutul’een’ut tthu mustimuhw        

Informing the People

Calling all

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wulh saay’ tthu ’uwatul. The race is going to start.
’i tst ’a’ut tthu munchies. We are calling the munchies.
sma’muluqw mixed
suw’wuyqe’ men
slhunlheni’ /kloochman ladies
hwun’un’uts’a’ singles
hwyusyey’sul’u doubles
yut’uxum’ sixes
’apun ’i’ kw’ nuts’a’ teyuwulh elevens


Lining Up

ya’thut nem’ ’u tthu tsq’ix smukw. Back up to the black ball.
t’un’uthut tseep. Line up side by side.
’uy’ sul’iq’. Good line.
’un’nehw tseep! Hold it steady!
’almutst tseep kwthu ha’kwt! Wait for the horn!
na’ut yusthuthi’. Looks good.
na’ut wulh huye’. There they go!
’uy’ ni’ shhwaye’s! Way to get going!
’unuhwstuhw tthu s’uwatul’. Stop the race.
qul’et tseep nem’ t’un’uthut. You all go line up again.


Commands from your Skipper

thuythut ee’! thuythut ee’! Fix up! Fix up!
’ushul ee’! ’ushul ee’! Paddle!
luq’uthut ee’! luq’uthut ee’! Even up! Even up!
timuthut ee’! timuthut ee’! Try harder!


Calling the race

hwun’a’ shq’uw’ilum first turn
shyuse’lus shq’uw’ilum second turn
yulhi’a’a’qwt shq’uw’ilum last turn
tus ’u tthu hwun’a’ shq’uw’ilum. They are approaching the first turn.
yustutes ’u tthu yuw’en’. Looks like it is close for first.
hwun’a’qsun first place
syuse’luss second place
yulhilhuhw third place
’uy’ ’un’ hayulup! Way to go, people!