hwsteli hwulmuhw – Cowichan Valley Museum Exhibit: Opening

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’aa sii’em’ nu siiye’yu, hay tseep q’u kwun’s ’ilup m’i ’ewu ’u tun’a kweyul.
My dear friends, thank you for coming today.

’uy’ shqwaluwuns tthu Quw’utsun’ kwus lumnuhwus tthu siiye’yus.
The Cowichan people are happy to see their relatives.

nan tst kwu’elh ’uw’ tsii’uta’lu kwun’s ’ilup m’i tetsul ’u tun’a kweyul.
I am ever so grateful that you came today.

’iyus tse’ ’ul’ tthu stl’ul’iqulh ’u tun’a kweyul kws pe’ptitul’s.
The young people will have a nice time today challenging each other.

tth’ihwum’ tseep ’i’ hwiilasmuthut tseep.
Please take care of one another.

hay tseep q’u, sii’em’ nu siiye’yu.
Thank you, my respected friends and relatives.
— Ruby Peter Stit’um’at