Language in action – ha’kuwsh tthun’ sqwal

The only way to get your language skills going is to practice hard, every day. Hopefully learning language will be fun if you get to use it in interesting situations, like around canoe practice and at the canoe races.   

Use your Hul’q’umi’num’ language!

hakwush ch tthun’ sqwal Hul’q’umi’num’!

Instructions from the Officials

Pay attention to these commands for the beginning of the race: wulh saay' tthu 'uwatul. ‘The race is going to ...

Going to the Races

hwuy'qwul'ulh 'ferry' shle'lumul's 'binoculars' shxuxaatth'ustun 'camera' tuw'tuw'uluquptsus 'cell phone' t'un'uthut 'line up' (1) 'uwu ch me'mul'quhw 'u lhun' shxuxaatth'usun'uq. 'Don't ...