Language at the races | teyuwulh sqwel

teyuwulh sqwel

Canoe pulling language


’uy’ netulh mukw’ lhwulup.
Good morning, you all.
hay tseep q’u kwus ’i’ulup hwu’inamut.
Thank you for all managing to get here.
’iyus tse’ ’ul’ tu hwulmuhw ’u tun’a kweyul kws pe’ptitul’s.
The First Nations people will have a nice time today challenging each other.


slhunlheni’ /kloochman ladies
suw’wuyqe’ men
sma’muluqw mixed
hwun’un’uts’a’ singles
hwyusyey’sul’u doubles
yut’uxum’ sixes
’apun ’i’ kw’ nuts’a’ elevens
sma’muluqw hwyusyey’sul’u mixed doubles
slhuniyaa’lh yut’uxum’ ladies’ sixes
swuy’qaa’lh ’apun ’i’ kw’ nuts’a’ mens’ elevens

Calling all

wulh saay’ tthu ’uwatul.
The race is going to start.

’i tst ’a’ut tthu munchies.
We are calling the munchies.


Lining Up

ya’thut nem’ ’u tthu smukw. Back up to the ball.
t’un’uthut tseep. Line up side by side.
’uy’ sul’iq’. Good line.
’un’nehw tseep! Hold it steady!
na’ut yusthuthi’. Looks good.
Bad Start
’unuhw tseep! Stop!
’unuhwstuhw tthu s’uwatul’. Stop the race.
tth’ihwum tseep ’i’ nem’ hwu’alum’ Please return.
qul’et tseep nem’ t’un’uthut. You all go line up again.
’almutst tseep kwthu ha’kwt! Wait for the horn!
Good Start
na’ut wulh huye’. There they go!
’uy’ ni’ shhwaye’s! Way to get going!

Calling the race

hwun’a’ sq’uw’ilum first turn
syuse’lus sq’uw’ilum second turn
yulhi’a’a’qwt sq’uw’ilum last turn
tus ’u tthu yulhi’a’a’qwt sq’uw’ilum. They are approaching the last turn.
yustutes ’u tthu yuw’en’. Looks like it is close for first.
shwun’a’qsun tu (canoe name) The leader is (canoe name).
hwun’a’qsun first place
syuse’luss second place
yulhilhuhw third place

Congratulating the winners

’uy’ ’un’ hay! Way to go!
’uy’ ’un’ hayulup! Way to go, people!


Commands from your Skipper

’ushul ee’! ’ushul ee’! Paddle!
ts’ultsus! Switch!
nutsa! yuse’lu! One! Two!
timuthut ee’! timuthut ee’! Try harder!
luq’uthut ee’! luq’uthut ee’! Even up! Even up!
thuythut ee’! thuythut ee’! Fix up! fix up!
’uwu tseep smi’muluts’uhw! Don’t get mixed up!
q’awuthut ee’! q’awuthut ee’! Use all your strength!
’akw’ut tthun’ sq’umul’! Hook your paddle!
wetth’ut tthun’ sq’umul’! Pry your paddle!
ts’ulqun! ts’ulqun! Turn! Turn!
’uwu tseep hay’uhw! Don’t give up!
t’ukw’stuhw ee’! t’ukw’stuhw ee’! Take it home!
’uwu ch qutquttsala’uhw! Don’t be like a spider!


tthu hay ul’ ’elihws’ush’ushulinilh hay ’ul’ ’elikw’am’kw’umshqwaluwuns.

Good paddlers always have good, strong thoughts.

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