Commands from your Skipper

Did you know? All the calls used to be in Hul’q’umi’num’?
thuythut ee’! thuythut ee’! Fix up! fix up!
‘ushul ee’! ‘ushul ee’! Paddle!
luq’uthut ee’! luq’uthut ee’! Even up! Even up!
q’awuthut ee’! q’awuthut ee’! Use all your strength!
timuthut ee’! timuthut ee’! Try harder!
t’ukw’stuhw ee’! t’ukw’stuhw ee’! Take it home!


More Commands from your skipper
hakwush tthun’ sq’umul’! ‘Use your paddle!’
ts’ulqun! ts’ulqun! ‘Turn! Turn!’
ts’ultsus! ‘Switch!’
wetth’ut tthun’ sq’umul’! ‘Pry your paddle!’
‘akw’ut tthun’ sq’umul’! ‘Hook your paddle!’
‘e’ut wulh tseeltalum ‘They’re following us!’ missing audio for this
‘uwu tseep huy’uhw! ‘Don’t give up!’
‘uwu tseep smi’muluts’uhw! ‘Don’t get mixed up!’
‘uwu ch sul’im’stuhw tthun’ t’eluw’! ‘Don’t bend your arms!’
‘uwu ch qutquttsala’uhw! ‘Don’t be like a spider!’