tl’hwunuq tthu Island Brave — Island Brave wins

Carrying onself as a paddler

David Bodaly, 2015 Snuneymuhw


Tl’hwunuq tthu Island Brave —Island Brave wins

kwus wulh ts’imul’ kws hays kwthu stey.
kwus wulh yu’i’shul’ ’eelhtun ’i’ ni’ timutus sus ’uw’ tuw’ hwuxwum tthu s’ushuls ’eelhtun.
’i’ skw’ey kws hays ’uw’ hay ’ul’ kws yul’ew’s kwus wulh ’uw’ hay ’ul’ kwus wulh hay kwus tl’e’tl’hwitul’.
’i’ ni’ tuw’ ’ayumthut kwthu s’ushuls.
’i’ skw’ey kws ’unuhws tthu s’ushuls, ’uw’ hay ’ul’ kwus wulh hun’lhelt.
ts’imul’ kws hun’lhelt ’i’ yelhs ’unuhws ’i’ ’ushuls.
ha’ ch ni’ hwun’ ’unuhw kw’us yu’i’shul’ ’i’ xi’xlhe’muthaam ’uw’ niis pe’ptitul’.
ni’ xetsthaam ni’ ch wulh lhtsiws.
’i’ qul’et tse’ wil’ kwthu stey ’i’ xwum ’i’ tl’hwuthaam ’uw’ niis xetsthaam ’uw’ niihw lhtsiws.
’uw’ hay ’ul’ kwus wulh hay tthu stey, kwus hay tthu skweyul ’i’ ni’ ch qewumnamut.

When it’s almost getting to the finish of the race, and they increase pressure, and their strokes get a little faster.
And they can’t stop paddling, even after the race, and they just cool down their strokes, and they don’t stop paddling until they get to shore.
They stop paddling, your opponents are watching you, and they figure out that you are tired.
If they are studying you to see if you are tired and maybe next time they will beat you.
After the race, or at the end of the day, you can rest.

Wayne Charlie — Pulxwuletse’
Kwa’mutsun, Quw’utsun’