Canoe Words


snuhwulh ‘canoe’
sq’umul’ ‘paddle’
tey ‘pull a canoe’
stey ‘canoe race’
teyuwulh ‘modern style racing canoe’


Did you know? The Elders use canoe words when they talk about their cars.
snuhwulh ‘canoe’ –> ‘car’
tl’ulumthut ‘to steer’ –> ‘to drive’
aalh ‘to get aboard a canoe’ –> ‘to get in a car’
ula’ulh ‘to be aboard a canoe’ –> ‘to be in a car’
qw’im ‘to disembark’ –> ‘to get out of a car’
q’lhan ‘bow’ –> ‘front of the car’
q’lhanum ‘to go to the bow’ –> ‘to get in the front seat’
ile’uq ‘stern’ –> ‘back seat’
s’ile’uq ‘to be aft, in the stern’ –> ‘to be in the back seat’